Cybersecurity Expert: Assume You’re Being Attacked Right Now

computer security

When it comes to IT security, it’s best to assume hackers or cybercriminals have already penetrated your network, according to cybersecurity expert Roger Cressey. Unfortunately, Cressey said, the U.S. is still dealing with many of the same problems he saw more than a decade ago, from data beaches to security critical infrastructures. “All of those issues are still relevant today,” he said, “which means we have not done a good job of trying to address the fundamental issues that are driving cybersecurity.” “There’s a basic assumption that has to be made now,” Cressey said. “You’ve got to assume you’re penetrated. You have to assume somebody is on your network right now, sitting there and learning and watching what you’re doing.”

BiON Smartfile would tell you if someone is access your internal data and where it is being access from. or

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